Frequently Asked Questions

Wherever you want!

If you can't decide which challenge to solve first, we recommend solving sanitycheck because it's the easiest.
We also recommend using your best Google-Fu to look up some challenges and their solutions.
The internet is the best teacher when it comes to IT Security!

Our goto resources are sites like CTFTime or LiveOverflow on YouTube.
Our challenge diffculty ranges from easy to hard.
For our retired challenges, there are writeups available and you can take a look on how more experienced players solved the challenge.

If you want more easy challenges to get started we can recommend the PicoCTF.
A Flag is usually presented in the Format: KDCTF{FLAGSTRING}. If it's in a different format, there will be a note in the challenge description.
If you think you broke a challenge, either send us a mail to or tell us on the KaindorfCTF Discord server!
There will be new challenges every year!
If you want to solve some in the meantime we recommend taking a look at a few other CTFs:

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